Become a Reviewer

The success of the Journal by JAFA heavily relies on a dedicated team capable of reviewing manuscripts submitted by scientists worldwide fairly and promptly. The journal's team is responsible for selecting manuscripts containing the most original, significant, and impactful scientific findings for publication.

Critical members or reviewers of the Journal by JAFA team are accomplished academics, measured by their published work, with expertise in one or more of the journal's covered fields. They are willing to contribute their time to review manuscripts submitted to the journal.

Furthermore, journal editors also depend on reviewers to provide advice on the appropriate final editorial decisions, whether the submitted manuscripts should be accepted or rejected. On behalf of JAFA, we invite experts and competent academics to contact us about the possibility of becoming a reviewer for the Journal by JAFA.

The benefits of being a reviewer for the Journal by JAFA will be rewarded with an electronic certificate, provided that the assigned tasks are completed, which involve reviewing articles assigned through the Open Journal System (OJS). The electronic certificate received by the reviewer is based on the title of the article currently under review or already reviewed.

If you are interested and would like to be part of the Journal by JAFA, please fill out the following form: