Plagiarism Checker

We recommend Turnitin as a plagiarism checker tool.


Turnitin is a plagiarism detection platform widely used in the educational and academic world. Designed to assist educators, professors, and educational institutions in addressing plagiarism issues, Turnitin employs advanced technology to compare written texts with a vast database that includes scholarly journals, papers, and other sources.

This platform allows users to upload documents or student assignments, and then automatically analyzes the text to find similarities with existing content. Moreover, Turnitin not only identifies plagiarism but also provides detailed reports showing the potentially copied sections and references to the original sources.

Turnitin does not solely focus on plagiarism detection; it also supports the development of students' writing skills by offering constructive feedback. Thus, Turnitin has become a crucial tool in maintaining academic integrity, encouraging originality, and helping educational institutions ensure that academic work produced is a genuine result of effort and understanding.

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